In 2008 was approached by the UK Jersey Cattle Society who were looking for a portrait artist to draw a new figurehead cow.

The commission involved four portraits: one in pencil, two in coloured pencil, and an ink drawing. The society supplied these two animal photos:

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Four Animal Portraits in Pencil, Coloured Pencil and Ink



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Coloured Pencil Family Portrait





to commission a pet or family portrait or ask questions about realistic or other pencil portraiture.

The artist will always respond to questions about pencil portrait drawing, although regular correspondance cannot be entered into.

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Animal Pencil Portraits
4. Coloured pencil portrait – full-body: Like Portrait 1, this portrait was made on finegrain paper using soft coloured pencils. The artist’s main technique was a criss-crossing of coloured pencil lines.
1. Head-only coloured pencil portrait: in this first stage the artist has laid down base colours: lichen green, cloud blue, orange, yellow, loganberry and indigo.
4. Head-only portrait drawing: This portrait used fine-nibbed artists’ pens. The challenge was to simplify form and texture.
3. Pencil portrait – full-body: The artist used smooth Bristol paper and a 9b pencil for this portrait. The soft pencil was blended, and a putty rubber gently applied to highlight.

Below is the head-only coloured pencil portrait in three stages, plus the completed ink portrait. Each portrait was copied from the relevant photo using the grid system explained on these pages: Pet Portraits Tutorial and Creating Pencil Portraits.

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The artist would like to thank the Jersey Cattle Society for choosing her to undertake this artwork, and Jane Steel for allowing her photographs to be used.






Below are the two completed full-body animal pencil portraits in greyscale and coloured pencil.
2. Here, the artist has added more colours and details to the portrait. Building up colours by mixing helps recreate a realistic luminescence.
3. The completed coloured pencil portrait – 5 x 5"


Pencil Portrait

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