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Featured Artist – Hokusai








Featured Artist: Katsushika Hokusai

"If Heaven gives me … an extension even of five years, I shall become a true artist." (Hokusai aged 89)


This Japanese artist (1760 – 1849) influenced 19th century western artists like Van Gogh and Picasso as they broke away from centuries of artistic convention and restraint.



Peonies – At a time when western thought promoted formal history art, eastern artists considered Nature the most meaningful of subjects.




The Great Wave – The artist’s best-known work, and almost as ubiquitous as the Mona Lisa. The simplified, expressive shapes effectively convey noise and movement.

























Self Portrait – This elegant pose, with its flowing robes, renders to the theme of old age an element of grace, even as the artist leans heavily on his stick.

















Pet Portraits; Children’s; Wedding Portraiture; Sketches, Nudes, Figurative Art by UK Pencil Pet /Family Portrait Artist.





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