Pencil Portrait Artist Anna Shipstone meets your pencil portrait requirements using the finest materials, creating artwork full of colour, texture and life.

Anna’s father taught art and she drew continually as a child, fascinated by Bosch and Rembrandt, and first visiting the National Gallery aged 3. Anna began specialising in pencil portraiture in 2006, initially deciding to draw babies in pencil, and, later, pet portraits, coloured pencil portraits and adults.

As well as Portrait Commissions you can find pencil, coloured pencil and acrylic art in the Galleries in styles from photorealism to abstract. Please see the commission pages for FAQs and portrait pricing.

The artist is 46 and lives in Cromer with her family and dog.

Interests include history, the unexplained, psychology, reading, sailing, and Yoga.


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Pencil Portrait Artist Anna Shipstone


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The Artist’s Favourites


Here are my five favourite artworks from amongst those on this website.

Realism’s real tools consist of careful observation and attention to detail. Its aim is unchanging; its result fixed.

As a explorative artist, I find departing from the rigidity of realism most rewarding.


1. Abstracted Nude Portrait

5. Boots – Pencil Sketch

2. Bird with Moon – Painting

3. Portrait: Charlie Chaplin

4. Still Life – Ink / Digital



A selection from pet / family portrait clients.


“This has been very therapeutic for me. Thank you for the sensitive way in which you have dealt with my request.” (Gloria – Commemorative Baby Portrait, Pencil and Coloured Pencil, ’08)

“Thanks once again for your great work. I know all of us lucky people who’ve had something done appreciate the portraits of friends, family and pets, but our link to the art isn’t the only thing that makes them so special – you have an amazing talent to capture the emotion of a moment, not just the details.” (Terry – Pencil Portrait ’10)

“Your portrait has evoked so many emotions in me. You have given me the photo I never got the chance to take. You have also made Luke look so serene. I can see in your portrait how Luke would look today, if he had not been so ill and I could not ask for more.” (Jacqui – Commemorative Baby Portrait, Pencil, ’08)

"It looks so much better than the actual photo. You’ve also been an absolute pleasure to deal with! Thank you for saving us from boring-present hell!" (Jo – Pencil Drawing ’09)

“I have to say it took many hours of searching on the net to find someone who I thought could do this portrait. In fact I think you have exceeded the high expectations I had based on the examples on your website.” (Graham – Commemorative Portrait, Coloured Pencil, ’08)

"I gave my wife the portrait, framed, and she almost cried she loves it so much." (Nick – Pet Portrait ’11)

"I must thank you for the 2 pet portraits of lurchers my husband commissioned for me. It was the best surprise he ever gave me." (Su – Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits 1 2 ’07)

"It’s great, and you’ve got the babies very well – although I think your portrait is a little bit prettier than we are IRL! Thank-you!" (Sophie – Pencil Portrait, ’11)

"I cannot put into words how fantastic it is. You’ve captured my wife’s sparkle perfectly. If you would like to use the portrait on your website I’d be honoured for others to see this masterpiece. This means more to me than you could know." (Lee – Commemorative Pencil Portrait, ’12)

"I love it! The eyes are very expressive and the smile’s lovely. I love the background too. Thanks for doing such a lovely portrait of her 🙂 " (Stanley – Coloured Pencil Portrait, ’09)

“My work colleagues were amazed at the likeness and the quality of the portrait.” (Caroline – Baby Pencil Portrait’08)

"The drawing’s fantastic, I’m over the moon with the quality, it’s more than I expected." (Paul – Pencil Drawing ’11)

"Thank you for your suggestions about which photo to use and what should be included in the portrait. Your portrait will certainly be the centerpiece of our collection." (Dave – Pet Portrait ’10)

“I received the portrait today and I’m over the moon, I’m going to give it to my sister and her husband today, I can’t wait to see their faces. I’ve had a little plaque engraved with the baby’s name and it looks lovely! ” (Rachael – Commemorative Baby Portrait, Coloured Pencil, ’08)

"The portrait is better then I could of imagined!! I know it was a strange request but its turned out so amazing! I cannot wait to see my mum’s face! You’ve been a pleasure to talk to and so helpful. Every time I look at this portrait I will laugh and smile. It’s so Zola!" (Katrina – Character Pet Portrait ’11)

“Wow – This is great!! You really are a terrific artist. She may look better here than she does in person ha ha! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me,” (Paulina – Coloured Pencil Pet Portrait ’08)

“That’s fantastic – the portrait’s still totally like Nathan but just slightly enhanced – perfect!!!  You have an extraordinary talent!!” (Lizzie – Children’s Pencil Portrait, ’08)

"It’s almost as if you can reach into the portrait and feel the texture of his skin. The only problem is waiting to give them the portraits. I feel like a kid waiting to open presents at Christmas!" (Terry – Children’s Pencil Portraits1 2 ’10)

" This portrait is more than I could ever ask for. Rodrigo was the most beautiful dog we’ve ever known and now I can see him forever in this drawing." (Amy – Commemorative Pet Portrait Coloured Pencil ’07)

“The portrait’s just arrived – it’s stunning! I’m sure I will back!” (Nadine – Family Pencil Portrait ’08)

"You’d think that by now I’d be used to just how breathtaking your portraits can be, but this is absolutely stunning." (Terry – Children’s Portrait, Coloured Pencil, ’12.)

"We are SPEECHLESS, EMOTIONTAL AND OVER THE MOON!!! Absolutely thrilled with the portrait!! Totally exceeded our expectations ….. delighted beyond belief!!!!!!" (Wendy – Portrait, Coloured Pencil, ’12)







Pencil Portrait – Alex Spall


My father sketched this pencil portrait of my mother when they had recently met.

He studied art at Reading, and then taught art and English in schools until the 80s.

While he has never been interested in promoting himself as artist, this pencil portrait demonstrates his mastery of form, composition and atmosphere.

pencil sketch

Portrait of Joan c. 1960 – Pencil






Pet Portraits; Family, Children’s and Wedding Portraits; Sketches,

Nudes, Figurative Art by UK Pencil Pet / Family Portrait Artist.


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