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Pencil Sketch, A4





sketch in pencil


boxer sketch


portrait pencil




No portrait commissions available until mid 2015.


Turn an ordinary family photograph into a unique pencil sketch!

Pencil portrait artist Anna Shipstone will create the best composition based around

your photo, combining a good likeness with the simplicity of a pencil sketch.


These sketches are cheaper than the artist's detailed portraits.

If you prefer a detailed portrait, see the "other commissions" links (above-left).


To order, simply Email the artist to discuss your sketch and send photos. The artist

can edit your pictures and suggest possible compositions..


To see how a pencil portrait can improve on your photo, please click here.





8x10" Sketch



Pencil Sketches - Pricing

Sketches are priced as low as possible, but please understand that completion-time (and therefore price)

depends on number of subjects, general complexity and whether a background is used.






Postage is £6.00 (UK). Pencil portraits are sent insured.

No deposit required.


You will have the chance to approve your pencil portrait before you pay, but

sketches cannot be sent without cleared payment.



sketch pencil







Frequently Asked Questions



1. What's your turnover time?


No portrait commissions available until mid 2015.


2. How much does a pencil sketch cost?

Portrait prices can be found above.


3. Which photos do I send and how?

Your portrait's quality depends on the photos.

A photo taken in natural light gives the best portrait result.

For a good portrait photo, look across at your subject, not up or down.

Red-eye, poor contrast etc. can be rectified by the artist.

Emailed photos are preferred.


4. Can you combine more than one photo into one sketch?

Often yes, but not if the lighting or quality differs greatly between photos. Example.


5. Can you make alterations to my portrait?

In many cases, yes. To see how a sketch can improve on your photo, click here.


6. Do you sketch stillborn babies?

I will always agree to do these kinds of portraits, whatever the quality of the photos.

Commemorative sketches are not displayed online.


7. Do you sketch larger than A4?

Only multiple portraits, ie. several separate sketches on one page - please ask for a quote.

Detailed and coloured pencil portraits are up to A3 (see commissions links, top-left.)


8. What about payment?

Final payment is due on approval of an emailed image of your completed portrait sketch.

Methods: Paypal, cheque, bank transfer.

Portraits cannot be dispatched without cleared funds.


9. Can I cancel my pencil portrait?

I'll confirm before beginning your sketch.

Orders for portraits may be cancelled any time prior to starting work.


10. How will you send my sketch?

Portraits are sent in firm waterproofed postal tubes unless otherwise requested, with handling instructions.

Special Delivery is the securest mailing option for your sketch.


11. What if I don't like my portrait?

Please see T&C/3 for the Returns Policy.


12. Can I order a portrait from outside the UK?

Portraits are posted worldwide. Read More.


13. How do you draw your pencil sketches?

The pencil drawing tutorial explains techiques and show photos of detailed portraits in progress.

It also has notes about sketches. Please see the "Pencil Portraits" link under "Portrait Tutorials ."


14. What kind of paper will you sketch my portrait on?

I use a very smooth artists' paper for sketching portraits.


15. Will my pencil portrait be shown on your website?

Portraits and, occasionally, small photos may be displayed unless I hear a contrary preference.

Commemorative portraits shown at request of client only.


16. Will you frame my portrait?

I don't offer framing but have compiled advice on framing pencil and coloured pencil portraits.

Please see the link under "Other Pages" (top-left.)

I will also glady offer you advice on framing your own sketch.


17. Will you sketch my pet?

Sorry, but I only sketch people; pet portraits are in detail (see commissions pages, top-left).




pencil portraits

Sketch - Pencil Portrait






Selected from past pet / family portraiture clients.


" This portrait is more than I could ever ask for. Rodrigo was the most beautiful dog we've ever known. I love him so much, and now I can see him forever in this drawing." (Amy - Pet Portrait Coloured Pencil, '07)

"I must thank you for the 2 pet portraits of lurchers my husband commissioned for me. It was the best surprise he ever gave me." (Su - Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits 1 2 '07)

“This has been very therapeutic for me. Thank you for the sensitive way in which you have dealt with my request.” (Gloria - Commemorative Baby Portrait, ’08)

“Your picture has evoked so many emotions in me. You've given me the photo I never got the chance to take. You have also made Luke look so serene. I can see in your portrait how Luke would look today, if he had not been so ill and I could not ask for more.” (Jacqui - Commemorative Baby Portrait in Pencil, ’08)

“I took many hours searching the net to find someone who I thought could do this portrait. In fact I think you've exceeded the high expectations I had based on your website.” (Graham – Commemorative Portrait, Pencil, ’08)

“I received the portrait today and I’m over the moon, I’m going to give it to my sister and her husband today, I can’t wait to see their faces. I’ve put a little plaque engraved with the baby’s name at the bottom, it looks lovely!” (Rachael – Commemorative Baby Portrait, Coloured Pencil, ’08)

"It looks so much better than the actual photo. You've also been an absolute pleasure to deal with! Thank you for saving us from boring-present hell!" (Jo - Pencil Drawing '09)

“Thanks once again for your great work. I know all of us lucky people who've had something done appreciate the portraits of friends, family and pets, but our link to the art isn’t the only thing that makes them so special - you have an amazing talent to capture the emotion of a moment, not just the details.” (Terry - Pencil Portrait '10)

"Thank you for your suggestions about which photo to use and what should be included in the portrait. Your portrait will certainly be the centerpiece of our collection." (Dave - Pet Portrait '10)

"It’s almost as if you can reach into the portrait and feel the texture of his skin. The only problem is waiting to give them the portraits. I feel like a kid waiting to open presents at Christmas!" (Terry - Children's Pencil Portraits 1 2 ’10)

"The portrait is better then I could of imagined!! I know it was a strange request but it's turned out so amazing! I cannot wait to see my mum's face! You've been a pleasure to talk to and so helpful. Every time I see this portrait I will laugh and smile. It's so Zola!" (Katrina - Character Pet Portrait '11)

"I cannot put into words how fantastic it is. You've captured my wife's sparkle perfectly. If you would like to use the portrait on your website I'd be honoured for others to see this masterpiece. This means more to me than you could know." (Lee - Commemorative Pencil Portrait, ’12.)

"Thanks so much for all the time and effort you've put into the portrait for us. Mace certainly looks magnificent!" (Jane - Pet Portrait, '12.)

"You'd think that by now I'd be used to just how breathtaking your portraits can be, but this is absolutely stunning." (Terry - Children's Portrait, Coloured Pencil, '12.)

"We are SPEECHLESS, EMOTIONTAL AND OVER THE MOON!!! Totally exceeded our expectations!!!!!" (Wendy - Portrait, Coloured Pencil, '12.)

"The sketch is strikingly beautiful! Thanks so much." (Naren, Pencil Portrait, '12.)

"Mother has just see the portrait, and she says Fantastic - beyond her wildest dreams!! And it's not often my Mum enthuses. Thank you for all the work (and your patience!) that you put into this." (Lesley, Family Portrait, Coloured Pencil,'12.)

"It's so beautiful, it actually moved me to tears!!  I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as lovely." (Jodi, Commemorative Baby Pencil Portrait, '12.)

"If I was there I'd kiss n hug you ..... can't wait for my Hubby's birthday to see his face, I'll guarantee there'll be a few tears. You've brought his boy back to life x." (Julie - Commemorative Pet Portrait, '12.)

"I spent ages looking for the right artist and I was sure it would be good, but I was blown away when I actually got to see the drawing in person." (James - Pencil Pet Portrait, '12.)

"I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful portraits you've done of both my girls. They are a great keepsake to have for the rest of my life, to remember the good times we shared." (Lisa - Pet Portrait, '13.)

"Wow, the drawing's fantastic, you had me in tears as soon as I saw it! Dad will love it! Perfect way to remember Jasper!" (Sarah - Pet Portrait, '13.)

"This is awesome, especially the freckles on her nose (they are her main feature!) I can't believe how well you've matched the colours. Thank you so much." (JJ - Pet Portrait, '13)

"You have brought comfort to me and my family, you are so wonderfully talented, I could never be anymore grateful." (Michelle - Sketch of stillborn twins, '13)







8x10" Sketch


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