Pet Portraits – Framing Advice Compliled by UK Pet Portrait Artist


Framing Pet Portraits

The right frame can really enhance pencil and coloured pencil pet portraits. A good framing outlet will take time to show you the different options, so take your pet portrait along.

This advice is to prepare you beforehand, or help if you wish to choose a ready-made frame and mount for your pet portrait. Remember that you may also ask a framer to cut you a new mount for a ready-made frame.



1. Pencil Pet Portraits

Pet portraits in pencil look good with pale or dark mounts. Framers have selections of whites greys and creams. Your choice may depend upon your decor, so think about where your pet portrait will hang.


Pencil Pet Portrait – Cream Mount


Double mounting can set off a pet portrait beautifully at little extra cost:


Double Mount


With pencil pet portraits, simple dark or silver frames work well:


Black Frame/Double Mount


Wood with ivory or cream gives a warmer feel:


Pet Portrait, Wood-Effect Frame


Although simple frames suit pencil pet portraits, you may prefer something more elaborate:


Pencil Pet Portrait, Bronze Frame






2. Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits

Coloured pet portraits on white can have a surround which compliments the subject, e.g. the portrait below has a double mount in warm colours similar to the dog’s:



You might consider a darker mount on a pet portrait with dark colours in:


Pet Portrait, Dark Mount


Or the frame, as opposed to the mount, could mirror the colours in the pet, as below:



Black and white always suit pet portraits which have background colours:


Black Frame/White Mount


A dark inlay on this portrait helps balance the dog’s colours and frame, and greys create a softer look:


Pet Portrait Finished in Greys


Again, pet portraits with background colours can sometimes take dark mounts. Below, a light inlay picks out the dog’s pale chest:



Some pet portraits (pencil or coloured) suit an oval mount:



A gold frame compliments the regal theme of this character pet portrait:


Themed Portrait


In general, highly coloured pet portraits look best with the simplest of arrangements, as below:



The artist recommends this website for easy competitively-priced online framing:





Pet portraits make wonderful gifts!

Contact the artist to commission your pet portrait in pencil or coloured pencil..

The artist works from your favourite pet photos. Please see the main pet portraits page for pricing and FAQs.







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