8. Seated Nude – Coloured Pencil* A powerful triangular composition in which the artist has accentuated the feminine shapes.

Portraits of Nudes and Partial Nudes in Pencil, Ink, Oils and Coloured Pencil by UK Portrait Artist

Nude Portraits by Great Western Artists

6. Detailed Pencil Portrait – Partial Nude* In this portrait, the artist blended soft pencil for a realistic effect.

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Abstract Art


1. Partial Nude in Orange Cloth – Portrait Sketch*
This dynamically lit pose appealed to the artist with its elegance and warmth.


12. Five Minute Nude Sketch from Life – Oil – In this portrait, speed of work has resulted in visible brush strokes and chunky forms.


Wedding Portraits

Pencil Art

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Detailed Pencil Portraits


Other Art

This selection of nude portraits in pencil, ink and coloured pencil shows how different poses, compositions, media and colour schemes create varying moods and effects.

Many thanks to lockstock (portraits marked * ) for allowing the artist to work from her photos.

7. Nude Prone – Ink Portrait* In this simple drawing the artist minimized lines to give an impression of purity and silence.


Mixed-Style Portraits

10. Nude on a Red Couch – Pencil Drawing – In this abstracted nude portrait, the artist balanced areas of colour around the female contours.



Great Nude Portraits

A selection of nude portraits by western artists.


Man at His Bath – Portrait – Caillebotte (1848 – 94) Controversial in its era due to its faithful treatment of a banal subject, this portrait was first exhibited in its own room to minimise offence.













































After the Bath – Portrait – Bouguereau (1825 – 1905) Work by this artist is currently re-gaining some respect, having been long regarded as overly posed and slushy. The artist’s technical skill, furthermore, is surely indisputable, as is his vision of idealised beauty.














Blue Nude – Picasso (1881 – 1973) In this portrait of a seated nude, the introverted pose combines with watery blues to produce a sorrowful atmosphere.
















Standing Nude – Pencil Drawing – Degas (1834 – 1917) This sensitive pencil portrait demonstrates the artist’s thorough underlying knowledge of anatomy and weight-distribution.






















Sleeping Nude – Freud (1922 – ) Freud’s nudes frequently seem to take realism to an extreme. Their rather brutally honest subject matter is perhaps in surprising contrast to the artist’s delicately conceived palette. This portrait recently sold for $33 M.

Olympia – Portrait – Manet (1832 – 83) Replacing the customary restrained classical nude figure with an unidealised prostitute caused the artist to be scorned when this portrait was first shown.


5. Coloured Pencil Sketch – Portrait: Reclining Nude* A quick portrait where the artist exaggerated colours to help capture the energetic curves.

2. Nude Portrait Commission – Pencil – The artist used sketchy lines for this portrait, aiming for what the client described as an ‘ethereal’ effect.


9. Simplistic Abstracted Nude – Ink – A variation on the minimalist portrait (7) in which the artist used only 2 lines.

4. Sleeping Nude – Coloured Pencil Portrait* Here it was the calm atmosphere, emphasised by the various blues, that inspired the artist.

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Ink Portraits & Drawings


Pet Portraits; Pencil and Coloured Pencil Portrait Drawings (Children; Wedding etc.) Sketches,

Nudes, Figurative and Abstract Art by UK Pet and Family Portrait Artist:



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Pet Portraits II

3. Commissioned Pencil Sketch – The closeness of the feet in this portrait adds an unusual intimacy to the sketch.


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11. Three Graces* – Pencil Sketch – Here, the artist sought an extremely "posed" composition of idealistic nudes.


Adam – A3 Portrait

Eve – A3 Portrait – Pose: Tristin-Stock

13. Adam and Eve – This pair of mixed media portraits balance as a pair. The client desired "classical" nudes with a modern touch. The artist combined sketch with areas of detail, and intensified colours with ink.