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Pencil portraits make wonderful gifts!

Contact the artist to commission a pencil portrait of your pet or loved one.

The artist works from your pet or family photos. Please see commissions pages for pencil portrait pricing.





Featured Portraits

A selection of portraits by eastern artists, demonstrating how colour, composition and form can add atmosphere and meaning to a portrait.


Facing the Mirror – Shinsui – A beautifully composed portrait in which the artist leads the eye diagonally through a series of repeated forms, creating a mood of stillness and contemplation.



A Medical Examination – Artist Unknown – Age has augmented rather than diminished the beauty of this ancient portrait. The poses of the two main figures is mirrored by the background, focusing attention onto them.



Woman with a Birdcage – Rippl-Ronai – An unusual portrait in which the artist has highlighted the blank face and hands and the birdcage to accentuate their closeness.



Sumo Champion – Artist Unknown – In this portrait the subject fills the format and is viewed from a low angle to emphasise his size. The muscles seem to ripple, even in the feet.



Pet Portraits; Children and Wedding; Pencil Sketches, Nudes &

Figurative Art by UK Pencil Pet and Family Portrait Artist.



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