Pencil Portrait – Shilpa Shetty

Portrait – Madonna as Michelangelo’s Delphic Sibyl


Meryl Streep: Coloured Pencil Portrait


Portrait: Scarlett Johansson, after Vermeer – Coloured Pencil

Portrait – Keira Knightley, after Leighton

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Portraits featuring celebrities’ images are one-off designs compiled by the artist using a combination of references personally owned and/or where copyright has expired or permission to use granted. Unless otherwise stated they are not copies of photos, and the person’s image is represented within a unique context. These portraits, therefore, constitute independent works of art, are the intellectual property of this portrait artist, and do not violate copyright laws.


Pet Portraits; Portraiture: Children’s; Wedding Drawings; Sketches, Nudes, Figurative Art by UK Pencil Pet and Family Portrait Artist.


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Vanessa Mae Portrait Composition

pencil portrait

Sitting Bull Pencil Portrait from Photo


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John Lennon with Yoko Ono Portrait

Cate Blanchett Portrait




Portraits of Nudes

"Lennon Tree" – Ink Portrait (Part-photo-ref. personally owned)


pencil portrait

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Drawings of Buildings

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Ink Portrait: Charlie Chaplin

Dempsey Sketch from Old Photo

Madonna after Mucha – Coloured Pencil Portrait

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Lennon Portrait


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Diana Portrait

Portrait: C. Bradlaugh MP, from Old Photo

Portrait Commission: Christ, from Old Painting

Simon Neil, Sketch. Photo supplied with permission: Front Magazine

Portrait of Simon Neil (Sketch). Photo supplied with permission: Front Magazine